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Hardware Monitor 5.54 MacOSX

19-02-2018, 18:50
Hardware Monitor 5.54 MacOSX
Hardware Monitor 5.54 MacOSX | 12.3 MB

Hardware Monitor is an application to read out hardware sensors in Macintosh computers. Several hundred sensors in more than 70 model series are supported. The program can display and visualize measured values in a large variety of fashions, including speech output.

Readings can be stored and exported. In addition, artificial software sensors monitoring OS X can be defined, and external LCD units can be controlled. The application also allows you to explore other technical data of your computer, like exact processor type, logicboard data, battery, display, and drive information, or manufacturing details.
Hardware Monitor is part of an application suite for the OS X operating system. The applications are designed to read out the hardware sensors built into every up-to-date Mac. Additional information can be retrieved as well. Among other data, this includes:
- Processor type and clock frequencies
- Apple model identification and manufacturing data
- Physical and virtual memory details
- Logicboard information
- Version numbers of the operating system environment
- System management information, including connectors and jumpers
- Battery details (on portable computers)
- Overview of disk drives
- Display screen identification
- display in a default text window
- output in a screen display in front or in the background of the screen
- tabular display in an overview window
- display in the menu-bar
- display of a maximum of two readings in the Dock
- graphical display of short-term and long-term history curves
- speech output of readings
- display of minimum and maximum values
- export to text and CSV files
- Display of temperature readings, selectable in degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin
- Display of many other sensors, depending on the specific computer model
- Output of current readings in a horizontal or vertical window that can be customized
- Output of current readings in a "floating" screen display or on the background of the Desktop
- Output of no, one, or two selectable current readings in a Dock tile
- Output of no, one, or up to eight selectable current readings in the menu bar
- Definition of an unlimited number of history graphs that visualize readings in a time interval between 12 minutes and 1 week
- Adjustable refresh interval
- Customizable labels and display options for all sensors
- Periodic automatic recording and safe storage of history data for defective, unstable computers
- Customizable announcements of current readings via speech output
- Customizable definition of alarm triggers for each sensor
- Definition of alarm actions, e.g. opening an alert panel, speech warnings, OS X Notifications, launching an application or script
- Export of readings or history data sets into text files or CSV files
- Readings can also be acquired by Unix scripts. The application comes with a special command-line tool to achieve this.
- Display of hardware details, e.g. serial numbers or manufacturing data
- Display of system management data (based on SMBIOS records)
- Definition of artificial sensors that monitor aspects of the operating system, e.g. CPU load, number of processes, disk usage, memory usage, paging activity, network interface activity, SMART verification status, status of OS X software RAIDs, electrical power, remaining battery capacity
- Display of detail information and SMART status of all currently attached hard drives
- Display of detail information about all currently attached battery units
- Remote monitoring of computers via a TCP network in connection with the add-on application Hardware Monitor Remote
- Control of external LCD panels, including freely customizable output definitions. Alphanumeric liquid crystal displays compliant with the original Hitachi HD44780 industry standard are supported. The LCD panel must be connected via a USB control unit "IO-Warrior 24" a product of Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH. Alternatively, the application supports the CF-632 and CF-634 USB display series from Crystalfontz America, Inc.
Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.10 or later

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